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Canyon Creek Guest Ranch is home to an abundance of mountain lakes and streams, plus access to a huge variety of fishing conditions on the major rivers nearby. Before the coffee's even done brewing in the morning, you might step right out your cabin's back door and catch a few lovely little brook trout. Then you can choose any of the many lakes full of fish who've yet to see the business end of a fly line, which means you're likely to have one of those amazing days where there's a catch for nearly every cast.


And if you'd like to move on to the bigger water, consider this: The famed Big Hole River and its tributaries are home to some of the largest wild brown trout in the United States. The upper Big Hole is one of the only places left where you'll find the exotic looking and rare Arctic grayling, known for their brightly colored dorsal fin. Whether you fish and picnic along the Big Hole's banks on Canyon Creek Guest Ranch, or take in the nothing-else-like-it clear water and clean air at a mountain lake, you're sure to encounter plenty of rainbows and cutthroats, too. Our experienced and fun loving guides will show you where to go, what to fish and how to do it – with as much or as little guidance as you want.



Canyon Creek Guest Ranch ~ Melrose, MT 59743
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