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~Hecla & Glendale Montana~

~ Helca Mercantile and Banking Company building in the town of Glendale ~
~ Helca Consolidated Mining Company's concentrator located at Greenwood, about 8 miles upstream from Glendale ~

Hecla is a town with a long rich past. As a tribute to the rugged people that lived high on the hill, the trek to visit this old but not forgotten place is not much easier. Hecla was a robust mining city with staggering profit's from the gold rushes. But just as the boom came about and left, so did the little town of Hecla Montana. For the adventurers this trip back in history is well worth the hike.

~ A copy of photographer Henry Brown's taken in 1893. The Whatcom County Museum house his collection in their archives. ~

On the road to Canyon Creek Guest Ranch you will pass by the still lived in town of Glendale. This little town served as the support arm for the mining operations up a Hecla.



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