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Until you come to Canyon Creek Ranch, you might think these wonderful lake vistas could only exist in the imagination. In truth, they are abundant up here. One particularly breathtaking spot is Grayling Lake – a challenging trek along rugged mountain trails by foot or on horseback – but worth every step and made all the more rewarding by the fact that few people come this way.

Once at this fantastic top-of-the-world spot, or at any of dozens around the ranch like it, you can choose to call it home for the night. Sleep under the stars, and wake up when the fish do. We'll help you arrange it all – horses, gear, grub, everything. (We'll even throw in a tent if open air isn't your style, or direct you to a remote Forest Service cabin where you can spend the night.)

Fact is, we can accommodate any adventure at any location here at Canyon Creek Guest Ranch. Give us your dreams, and we'll fill in the details to make them come true.




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